Shipping Policy

Shipping Charges are calculated on weight, size, and level of service. Please call for a shipping quote or review the charges estimated online in our store.

Canada Orders: Most Canada orders are shipped either regular mail or Global Priority and should arrive within 12 business days. But sometimes it takes up to 30 days for items to arrive. But it is rare and stuff like that happens more with Europe orders.

International Orders to Europe, Australia, and Asia: Most international order are shipped global priority mail and should arrive in 7-14 business days. Also any VAT or import tarriffs etc… are your responsibility, but we really haven’t had any complaints. Also lately we’ve been having some orders take longer to arrive. Some orders are taking up to 30 days to arrive. This isn’t every order but about 5% of orders

We ship 99.9% of our U.S. orders by Priority Mail. What does this mean? It means you should get your order in 3 to 4 days. I know I hate waiting around for something to come when I order it, so I won’t make you wait. So if you order a couple shirts on Monday morning you should be wearing them by Thursday….. unless we’re out of stock

Backorders sometimes do happen. When we run out of stock of an item we will wait for it before shipping your order. We try to keep everything in stock but sometimes everyone and their sister/uncle orders a medium Bitchin’ Camaro one day and we run out. It’s never more than 28 days before we get something back in. Usually much less. So if we’re out, you just might have to wait an extra week. But it’s rare.

And I can’t stress this enough, please make sure you are having your packages shipped to a secure location. The Postal Service has reported to us that they have seen an increase in packages being taken from people’s doorsteps. We take every step to ensure that you get your package, but, once it is delivered by USPS, we have no control over who sees it, or decides to take it. In addition, double check that your address has been entered properly. RoAcH is not responsible for items shipped to incorrect addresses as a result of being entered improperly by the customer. If you are ordering from a foreign country and having problems figuring out how to enter your address, contact our customer service department.